Drilling used equipement for sale:

drill baby drill

we offer for sale the following used equipment: 

drill baby drill
drill baby drill


1.Swivel UPETROM CH – 400:  1 unit  used in good condition

2.BOP Upetrom double 11 x 10 000 psi:  2 unit  used in good condition

3.BOP Upetrom annular 7 /1/16 x 5000 psi: 2 unit  used in good condition

4.Pipe rams UPETROM  – different size: 8 set  NEW

5.Elevators Romania IRI – different size: 17 unit  NEW

6.Adapters Cameron and Mc EVOY:  2 pieces  used in good condition

7.Valves Mc EVOY different size (80 and 100 mm) 10 000 psi with adapters :  30 pieces

8.SPIDER, made in USA:  1 unit used

9.TSK tongs: 1 set (2 pieces) in working condition

10.Tongs hydraulic:  1 unit  used in working condition

11.Drilling bits  of different small sizes, made in Russia: 42 unit used in good condition and new

12.Lingers different type, made in Russia: 10 set (20 pieces) NEW

13.Mills and drilling heads – different size, made in Russia:  16 pc.  NEW

We can repair equipment and sell it after repair.

If you are interested in the equipment, cost and conditions of sale you can check on ondrill@gmail.com




2 thoughts on “Drilling used equipement for sale:

  1. Tomasz C says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Please send us a quote for new/used/repaired rams for Upetrom BOP 13-5/8 x 5000 psi

    1.PN 623., Ram 7”, complete – 2 sets
    Delivery time 1-2 weeks.

    Best regards,

    Tomasz C

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